Lightning Fast

Shop load time high? A lot of selling & marketing content outside of product pages? Does your cache bust when users have a cart and browse e-commerce on your site? Take advantage of redirect less shopping experience right inline with the rest of your content by using Add to Cart Pro!

While developing this plugin, we took great care to follow the path of least resistance and least resources consumed during the Add to Cart process, without losing the full functionality of the website. While many themes add support for AJAX add to cart buttons, we are an agency that works with many different themes and plugin configurations. The most broadly used design elements and product information was put as options into the plugin.

Without request blocking, Add to Cart Pro’s speed is totally dependent on how quickly the user can click through available buttons. Requests get sent out and received asynchronously to ensure their delivery while hitting multiple buttons seemingly concurrently.

Whether your administrators are using quick shopping tools, or if customers are using inline buttons, let your site give the experience of lightning fast shopping experiences with no headache!