Reduce Buying Friction

Would you like to increase your overall order size? Customers can be fickle when it comes to pulling that purchasing trigger. Reducing frustrating moments and increasing time spent browsing on your website are important goals for an e-commerce store.

Much of WooCommerce built in browsing redirects to applicable pages. This is great, assuming the page customers started on had little information to begin with. As part of building your website, it is important to think of guiding your customer to decisions. In this content, putting highly visible Call To Actions (CTAs) are the most important step. What happens when that CTA brings people to a new page and disrupts their attention? This is the issue we are trying to patch using Add to Cart Pro.

Using the quick request built by Add to Cart Pro, you are able to keep the customers attention while only waiting for a minimal response to hit your server and come back. Not only does this use far less resources than when a customer goes through a whole redirect, but keeps the customer reading on important information, and not stuck in a frustrated loop on blank pages and loading times.