Time Saved for Users

Do your customers browse around already? Are you concerned about the friction your website might be causing your customers? Allow us at Add to Cart Pro help you with this cause!

Using our plugin, users can learn about and interact with products without ever having to shift their attention or stare at a blank screen during their browsing time. Expanding upon the WooCommerce provided tools, Add to Cart Pro brings inline, and relatively un-styled elements (out of the box) that help make elegant AND functional areas of your website, allowing you to really dig down into the funnel method of getting users on your website to convert.

As noted, out of the box, the styling is very broad, and tries to rely on the theme and WooCommerce built in styles. We built tools to allow for easy styling, and have many examples on use cases for our Group Add to Cart to be used as a menu, a catalog, wholesale order form, or even a pricing table.

From an administrative side, this plugin was originally created to create wholesale order forms. For another business, we take phone orders and needed to be able to go down a quick list and add different quantities to the order quickly to be able to keep up with the spoken word and keep customers happy and our time on the phone down. We plan to expand the plugin to allow for different lists to be auto populated based on queries like in-stock or in-category to allow for more dynamic forms.