Wholesale Order Forms

Do you ever enter orders manually or take orders over the phone for your WordPress and WooCommerce store? Have sections of products which even consumers might want to go through a list to add many products in quick succession?

Using Add to Cart Pro, it is easy to create a page or section of a page dedicated to quick shopping tools for whoever fits your use case. The broad tools in this plugin allow you to create a dense or light area for shopping between variations, grouped products, simple products, or to be frank, any type of WooCommerce product type, including 3rd party plugins that add a new Product type!

The original inception of this plugin was for quick shopping tools for administrators to save time placing orders. We found that while the page was public, some consumers do prefer to shop in that way, too! Especially when you have highly repetitive customers, making their shopping experience more pleasurable is almost always received well.

Whether you are creating a wholesale order form, a global block that can be displayed everywhere but edited in one area, or having a web of pages with multiple product purchase tables, the broad tools given by the plugin allow you to build it however you dream it.

If you are having trouble with styling, we are here to help!