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Hibernation Ale Ever get a beer blanket so heavy you could curl up for the winter? We don’t recommend that heavy of drinking, but this Traditional Old-English Ale really hits the spot and warms the bones. $2.50
Juicy Domination This Tropical IPA is bound to dominate your tastebuds and bring them to the sunny beaches you never knew existed in Oregon. $3.25
Juicy Drop Hazy IPA A Breckenridge brew, this hoppy can shows the soft, lush, and intensely juicy profile that beer lovers around the world will agree is delicious. $4.00
Sparkalicious Hard Seltzer Cosmo Blast your tastebuds with a refreshing yet sweet seltzer that goes down smooth! A perfect way to start your night. $2.50
White Claw – Lemon $4.50
White Claw – Mango $4.50
White Claw – Tangerine $4.50
White Claw – Watermelon $4.50
Wild Basin – Bitter Citrus Spritz For the citrus fanatics, it’s sure to make your mouth pucker! $4.25
Wild Basin – Fruity Sangria A more Fruit than Sangria vibe, this can is sure to be a hit for many flavor palettes. $4.25
Wild Basin – Habañero Piña Colada Leaving a spicy trail, this is like the best lingerer at a party. One who makes you feel confident, and helps you clean up! $4.25
Wild Basin – Mango Mai Tai A nice middle of the road sweetness that isn’t overpowering in any, even way at the end. $4.25
Winterfest Enjoy a warm malty yet slightly sweet take on your traditional Winter Lager. $4.00

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